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Investment casting” is also called “precision casting” or “lost wax casting”. There is a wide range of materials that can be cast, without restrictions of shapes and complex structures.The most important characteristics of investment casting is precise size control ,few machining allowance, smooth and neat surface, and that it is widely used .In hot working field , some forging pieces, whose materials are difficult to find ,choose or not easy to form into a shape or whose machining cost is high, can apply investment casting technology .While in the casting field, some products can be manufactured by investment casting technology instead of other forms of casting methods, so as to decrease machining and cutting allowance , surface coarseness, lower cost, enhance size precision and mechanical performance of materials, and upgrade the products. We undertake drawings or samples from companies or corporations domestic and abroad and then manufacture and process products. We can guarantee the products’ value for money with mature technology and strict quality control.