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DongYing GuoRui Casting Co.,LTD
Add:241shaotou Xincun Xindian town Dongying shandong.China
Mobile:18653696689( only chinese)

Dongying Guorui casting &machining Co.Ltd ,   As a company be certified by ISO9001-2008 and CE,located in Dongying city,ShanDong Province,China,Engaged in casting and machining with 12 yearsof experience,   Our companies from the Qingdao 280 kilometers, 400 kilometers away from Beijing,the transportation is very convenient.

As a whole process of casting suppliers,From casting to finished product,We provide a complete service for our customers,Our process includes the following:
(1)Silica Sol precision casting;
(2)Lost wax precision casting ;
(3)Shell mold casting;
(4)Machining process;
Our casting material include: carbon steel, alloy steel, heat-resistant steel, austenitic stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, grey cast iron, ductile iron, high manganese steel, and so on.Material standards include American Standard, British standard, German standard, Japanese standard, etc.
Our machinery and equipment including ten set of CNC lathe, Eigth set of machining center(Including vertical machining center and horizontal machining center), Three set of gantry machining center, CNC boring machine and so on. 
Our testing equipment, including direct-reading spectrometer, tensile testing machine, impact testing machine, Leader CMM, metallographic analysis, hardness testing machine, and so on.
Our casting production capacity is as follows:
 (1)   Silica Sol precision casting process:     35-40 tons / month
 (2)   Lost  wax precision casting process:    120-150tons/month
 (3)   Shell mould casting process:             50-60 tons/month
Because we have perfect production equipment and testing equipment, and has a large production capacity,We can provide products with excellent quality to our customers and ensure the timeliness of delivery. As a result, our customers are distributed in many countries and regions,Including the United States, Canada, Chile, Australia, Spain, Italy, Norway, India and South Korea.
The industries be covered by our casting include: Industrial flare system, combustion system, petroleum machinery and drilling accessories, automotive industry, transportation industry, fluid control system, heat treatment industry and building hardware, etc.
Our company's Philosophy: we are not only provide products to customers, and provide the whole process service for the customer;
Our goal:  to become a first-class casting supplier;

You only need to provide drawings, we will do the rest of the things.